Between Two Flags

by Chaoba Phuritshabam 

One, three headed
One, a charming chakra Scramble for me
I, bewildered,
Beloved, both
Belonged to both One, borne
One, nurtured

Frequent, my minds' eye
the flag embellished
with sakok
My thought feebled
at the flags' awaiting
Frequent, my thoughts
the flag embellished
with chakra
My thought feebled at the flag
I didn't belong to

Mislaid at the warfield
between two flags
I asked all
Who do I belong to
Frequent, my thought
Can I belong to both?

One, borne
One, nurtured

I feared
life's lofty forts
I feared
I couldn't traverse
these chained heights
I feared
the sakok embellished flag chasing me
with a sword
stating a stranger, I am

Between two flags
Scrambling for me
She is mine
She is mine
they said
Sliced me
Some pieces for one
Some pieces for another
Why the scramble?
Who do I belong to?

I, adrift
between two flags
between these two flags

(translated by Soibam Haripriya)

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