The Face of Our Generation

The aftermath of the BT Road fake encounter incident on 23 July 2009 had seen the valley of Manipur burst into flames.

This movie is an attempt to bring out a narrative of the everyday mundane act of living under the oppressive circumstances of having to negotiate between life and death in Manipur. A political shit-hole for those who are eager to learn about conflict resolution.

The story is about Naorem Prakash, who in living the act of violence himself has become a witness. The witness(es)'s lives are fraught with uncertainty. Silence usually becomes recourse for the witness. However the fact of being geographically removed from the situation facilitated Prakash the "survivor witness" and his aunt to narrate their story. Part of his memory lapsed into silence as an impact of the physical trauma, his aunt's memory also has gaps due to being removed from the incident of violence being inflicted on Prakash. These narratives -- part memory, part silence is an attempt to construct a testimony of the everyday.

Burning Voices made this film with an old handy-cam and a simple microphone costing around Rs 30. The editing, including the background narration, was done in the small rented room in Delhi (where they also cook, sleep and play music), using basic softwares.

DISCLAIMER: The makers of the film are a bunch of amateurs with no professional training, equipments or modern studio. All they have is passion to expose the truth.

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