The hills and valleys of the Northeast India today remain engulfed in a mist of violence and injustice. In the midst of all the painful experiences that surround us all, there was a programme, some sort of a brief affair of visual and performing arts from the region and try to find solace in a reaffirmation of shared culture and vision of human creativity. With a humble belief, a commonly shared solace will pave the way to better times.

With this belief Burning Voices brought Shared Solace ~ One day of Contemporary-Folk Music and Images to Delhi, featuring Guru Rewben Mashangva, the father of Tangkhul Folk Blues accompanied by his son Saka Mashangva, HR Experience, H. Kom (Stoney), Imphal Talkies N The Howlers. The Songs of Mashangva – a film produced and directed by Oinam Doren will premiere in the event (first day first show). Show date: 21 Aug 2010

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