Our Private Literature - Leibaklei

Leibāklei, n ('leɪ.baːk.leɪ)*
*[Manipuri, leibak - of or relating to the earth + lei - flower]

Our Private Literature is a periodical from the Burning Voices with independent theme(s) on each issue, whether it - be a being or not-being… for be a being may be easier, so to say, with the acceptance of being a being no matter in whichever form it exists, but being a not-being has never been easier! And our themes, call it being or not-being; they may manifest the very angst of this confusion, but as always, they propose thoughts on certain why’s, like a flower or a poem or a short discourse or even a canvas seeking an independent bloom, a free expression yet waiting for its season of interpretations, the  appreciation  or  the  acceptance;  very  much  like  our  own existence.

In this issue we intend to use a theme contradictory enough to both the traditional and contemporary ideals on being or not-being, which are often seen as archetypical values. It will not be entirely wrong to say  that  we  tend  to  follow  the “Deconstruction”  as  a  new proliferation.  But  it  will  again  be  wrong  to  say  we  employ  it throughout  this  issue  as “the  prerogative being  against  the deconstruction of the word”. Thus, the Leibāklei came into being, as the representation of this theme on being or not-being against the backdrop of accepted notions on sexuality, morality, practices, myths and at the same time questioning our lives and times through the ideas of freedom, revolution and the search for an identity.

Leibāklei is not merely a flower that sprouts directly from theground during the cruelest time of the season, in the process; it also brings forth the different aspects of life, in opposites and even as analogues.  It comes as a lonely way-farer in the ruins yet leaves with the fragrance of livelihood. It is our thematic metaphor for this issue. In a more subtle and immediate expression, the poems in the collection deal with issues ranging from the cemented dogma, the qualms of living and pleasure in dying silently in obscurity, of using the sickle for chopping the overgrown beard and newspaper boy delivering the poetry, right in our doorsteps, wrapped in the news to being a dead Indian. What else could we say! Let the 'Leibāklei' crack upon the hard dry bark of the earth with its tender shoots.


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