by Raju Athokpam

your firm hand and fierce eye
and I see the black hole where the gun
barks on my dusty-sweat-coated forehead
this tear-stained eye
longs for yet another moment with
you in this hell

your hygienic hand and your motherly look
with that tranquilizer on that syringe
on my veins, to relax me
down this exhausted soul
wants to cuddle you for the
warmth in this heaven

right or wrong
for good or for bad
you are the one who kill
suffering is my other name
that you have made me
then again you pity my miserable life
and you mercy kill me
amongst you even fought who to mercy kill me

with your gun’s little hole
you advice the trigger
and you become my birth-master
your gun is all-in-one tool for you
you use it everywhere
even to gain a grain of rice your gun is your
strongest drug makes you forget everything
even the consciousness of being alive
well, enough of euphemism
I said euthanasia means ‘shoot yourself’.

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