Haiku Beneath the Leibāklei

Some of the haiku which were published in the Leibāklei edition

In the autumn field
The children they play housing
so they are pregnant
Akhu Chingangbam

A dog has a tail
In the rain, it soaked the tail
And you wept mercy!
Jayanta Oinam 

Say the sky is red
Say even the fields are red.
It’s your blood stained eyes.
Korou Khundrakpam 

With them screaming hymns;
In this neighborhood, I am
Almost an atheist.
Kundo Yumnam 

Damn! A wound in head.
Do you remember your name?
There's peace after death.
Raju Athokpam 

Flow of consciousness
play of the thought and feelings
wears ironic mask
Usham Rojio 

Full moon of my home
brighter by far I tell them
load shedding they mocked
Soibam Haripriya 

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