who are you?

by Raju Athokpam, with inputs from Ringo Pebam

you are proud to be in general quota
whilst your brothers and sisters get big shots in the name of caste
you think you are trendy, sanskritizing and hinduising
just to end up having ethnic clashes with yourself
you ignored the fights of minor groups
who were indeed protecting you
and now you don’t have any answer
to those Kuki’s questions

still you are damn chauvinist and you soliloquize
“Whatever man, i am still the one. numero uno, you know”.

when you meet a new you, you don’t ask what he does
you only ask for a lunch someday, namesake
because he and you are spoil brats, who do nothing in life.

but you are a real genius; you act like a millionaire with only a penny in your pocket
you can punish your ma with your domestic demands for clothes and bikes
you go to capital for graduation; a five year long study

you like losing control and you keep dying by guns
is it that you are patriot,
broken hearted for your motherland?
or are you a businessman with a gun?

* (Input from Ringo Pebam)
so proud you are, of the shiroi lilies
so you write of them, the beautiful lines

it's the hill men who  protect the lilies and the hills
as you sit and talk at the leipungs about state integrity

your ego still tells you are a genius and they are fools
because you are from the beautiful tampak with the general-quota?"

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