In the Land of the Worshippers

by Laishram Ratan Singh

Prays to God
Every community
Worships God
Every family
Chants His name
Every person.
Chanting God’s name
Worshipping God
Praying to God
Ceases to lower
Prices of the goods
Continues to increase

Number of the thieves.
Screams to one other
“I’m not responsible”
Heaps blame over others
“They’re responsible”
Pot-belly officials
Seven-abs liberators
Who can’t walk

But use wheels to roll over
The half-dead people.
Gods took to wings
One monsoon night deserting
The believers- cum-worshippers
Not to the hills, surely not
But far away
To the land of the Atheists
One told me before
His flight “At least they’re true
They don’t acknowledge my existence.”

(Translated from Manipuri by Homen Thangjam)

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