Walk Our Walk

by Rojio Usham

A voice is headed
by the side of the road,
and up ahead of the hill,
wearing no artificial tone
of solemnity or sorrow,
but cried as we always
like chirping birds in circle flight.
I am the soft star
among the shining ones at night.
I am the soft wind
among the thunder winds.
Why cry for a soul set free,
who choose the right path,
not the two highways
that connect the vampire land.
Ships sail and I stand,
Price rose up and I still stand.
Standing for the moment,
when someone says
She is gone.
No I am not standing for that, Ima.
I am standing for those peasants,
who have never had two-course meals,
I am standing to find a road,
a road that smoothly leads to
the green paddy field. All that bombing
must have given you
the passion and compassion.
At night when all silent brakes,
and sleep abandon others eyes,
we will hear only boots rumbling on the road.
Will rainbows and radiances
Be seen on your trek 
Or will smokes reign
And sweet memories wreck. 
We all can talk,
walk our walk, 
Let us see the light,
Direct us through the night. 
See good reasons why
To make another road try, 
Don’t give up the fight. 
Let’s save us from ourself.

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